Dr Geraldine Mate

Senior Curator, Transport and Energy

Dr Geraldine Mate

Geraldine’s current research projects are focused on the cultural landscape of nineteenth and early twentieth century mining towns and industrial complexes. In her role as Senior Curator at The Workshops Rail Museum, this includes investigation of the industrial heritage of the Ipswich Railway Workshops site and the archaeological investigation of the Mihi and Tivoli Coal and Coking landscapes. Other rail-focused projects Geraldine is involved in include research on the role of rail in war, and the part Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people have played in the development of rail in Australia.

Geraldine’s other research interests include broader reflections on cultural landscapes in archaeology. This reaches from landscapes of Iron Age settlements in Britain to more recent historic landscapes in Queensland, such as her doctoral research on the archaeology of the landscapes of the gold mining town of Mount Shamrock. She is also interested in the interplay between people and technology, most particularly the historical archaeology of industrial technology, including historical mining and mineral processing.

  • Executive Committee, Australian Society of Historical Archaeology
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Queensland Archaeological Research
  • Editorial Board, Queensland Historical Atlas
  • General member, Australian Archaeological Association

Recent Publications/Exhibtions

Prangnell J. and G. Mate 2011 (In Press) ‘Kin, Fictive Kin and Aspirational Movement: Working class heritage of the Upper Burnett’. International Journal of Heritage Studies.

Mate, G. and A. Moritz (In Press) The Workshops Rail Museum. In Macno, V. D. Mewes and G. Mate (eds) Behind the Tin Fence: A History of the Ipswich Railway Workshops, Queensland Museum Memoirs, Cultural Series 5(1).

Mate, G.L. 2010 Mining the Landscape: Finding the social in the industrial through an archaeology of the landscapes of Mount Shamrock. Unpublished PhD thesis, School of Social Science, University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Mate, G., 2010 ‘Memory: how people remember the landscape Queensland Historical Atlas, 2009-10 http://www.qhatlas.com.au/essay/memory-how-people-remember-landscape

Ulm, S. and G. Mate, 2010 'Conflict: how people contest the landscape', Queensland Historical Atlas, 2009-10, http://www.qhatlas.com.au/essay/conflict-how-people-contest-landscape

Mileposts and Moments – Temporary Exhibition exploring the major achievements in Queensland rail history. August 2010 – August 2012. The Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich.

Queensland Stories – Temporary exhibition marking Queensland’s Sesquicentenary. January –December 2009, Level 2 Queensland Museum Southbank, Brisbane.


Queensland Historical Atlas

Research project synthesising cross-disciplinary approaches in history, environmental studies, archaeology, anthropology and cultural geography to explore 'themes in the landscape' as a means to comprehend the diverse cultural and environmental histories of the State of Queensland.


Senior Curator, Cultures and Histories Program


B. Eng. (Metall) UQ

B. A. (Hons) UQ

PhD (Archaeology)

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