Dr Christine Lambkin

Christine Lambkin Undescribed stiletto fly Undescribed stiletto fly from Lamington National Park. Beefly, Wurda windorah Lambkin & Yeates, feeding.

Curator of Entomology responsible for the Queensland Museum's collections of Diptera (flies), Coleoptera (beetles), Orthoptera (grasshoppers), Hemiptera (bugs), Phasmatodea (stick insects), and a number of smaller insect orders.

Her main research interest is the systematics, evolution, taxonomy, and biodiversity of Diptera, specialising in combined molecular and morphological phylogenetic analyses and monographic revisions of beeflies (Bombyliidae) and stiletto flies (Therevidae). Chris would like to find more time to complete taxonomic studies on these two families.
During a Postdoctoral Fellowship at CSIRO Entomology, Canberra, Christine began work on the genus Ectinorhynchus for the American National Science Foundation (NSF), Partnerships Enhancing Expertise in Taxonomy TherevidPEET project. She used novel methods, including supertree construction, to produce the first overall phylogenetic hypothesis for the Family Therevidae.

In collaboration with Brian Wiegmann (Univ. North Carolina), Christine is now investigating the use of Bayesian analyses to estimate the divergence times of radiations in the Australian stiletto flies.

Chris is also developing with ABRS an on-line Australian Faunal Directory of Australian Therevidae and Bombyliidae.

Christine Lambkin is also committed to the FLYTREE, Backyard Explorer, and ABRS: Zopheridae projects.

Since 2006 Christine has used Malaise traps in many biodiversity assessments, surveys, and projects, concentrating on the Diptera, especially the lower brachyceran families Bombyliidae (bee flies) and Therevidae (stiletto flies). 

Projects include:

  • "Island Hitchhikers" in Capricornia Cays
  • Redlands

Areas surveyed include:

  • Great Basalt Wall in north Queensland
  • Proserpine and the Capricornia Cays in central Queensland
  • Redlands and Lamington National Park in south-east Queensland
  • Culgoa Floodplains and Currawinya National Parks, Murra Murra, Plevna Downs and Noonbah Stations in western Queensland
  • Charles Darwin Reserve, Karara, Lochada and Kadji Kadji Pastoral Leases in Western Australia
  • Culgoa National Park and Ledknapper Nature Reserve in New South Wales.

Christine surveyed the flies and co-ordinated the databasing for the IBISCA Queensland project, an international collaboration between Griffith University, the Queensland Museum, the Queensland Herbarium, SEQ Catchments, the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service, and the National Parks Association of Queensland quantifying changes in biodiversity along an altitudinal gradient in Lamington National Park in 2006 and 2007. Several papers outlining the biodiversity of flies sampled during the project have been submitted.


Curator of Entomology, Biodiversity Program

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