After Dark: Science Fusion

Eats, beats, and drinks - see what really happens at the Museum after dark

Friday 11 August 2017, 5:30pm - 9:00pm


Celebrate National Science Week with a night time adventure at the Museum. Join us for live music, food, drinks and an array of science innovations to inspire your inner chic geek.

Explore the Museum to see what innovations science has to offer, including hands on activities, demonstrations and pop-up shows. You will have the opportunity to hear from the science experts, experiment with technology, kick back to live music, indulge your tastebuds and see the Museum like never before.

Have you ever wanted to be in a hologram, floating in mid-air? Ever wanted to build your own virtual assistant? Ever wanted to see a battle bot in battle? How about watch a 'live' Taxidermy display? Have you seen a 3D printer in action? Immerse yourself in science innovation and experience the technology of the future. 

Event Line Up:

Robot Wars

See battle bot build demos, learn about their design, mechanics and metal work, and see them battle! Presented by Ipswich Robotics Sports Group.

3D Printing Demos

See 3D printing demonstrations throughout the night showcasing different models and materials. Presented by HS Ipswich Inc.

Hologram and Augmented Reality Workshops

Channel your inner Obi-Wan and create a hologram. Set up your own virtual assistant using augmented reality. Presented by BOP Industries.

Drone Technology

Explore how drones work and how they are used in real-world applications. Have a go coding a drone and see if you can program it to take-off and land safely. Presented by STEM Punks.

Ask an Expert: Dr Joel Gilmore, Physicist and Science Communicator

Do you have a burning question of science? How did we detect gravity waves? Why does caffeine keep us awake? Now's your chance to ask.

Ask an Expert: Dr Marissa McNamara, Parasitologist Queensland Museum

Meet a parasite expert! View real-life parasite specimens and see detailed images of real parasites.

Ultrasound with Dr Kylie Baker, Emergency Physician at Ipswich General Hospital

Meet Dr Kylie Baker, an expert in lung ultrasound research. Talk to the expert or have a go at your own ultrasound.

Tech Girl Superhero

Challenge your inner super powers to create the Hospital of the Future. See how scientists use 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing for medicine, and pick up your free copy of theTech Girls are Super Heroes book. Presented by Mathilde Desselle, Project Manager (QUT).

Ask an Expert: Dr Andrew Christy, Senior Curator Mineralogy Queensland Museum

Meet a meteorite expert! See real meteorites and talk to an expert in his field.

Ask an Expert: Dr Matt Herne, Vertebrate Palaeontologist

Talk to a dinosaur expert. See fossils from the Queensland Museum collection and learn about these incredible animals that once roamed the earth.

Science Demos

From lighting to liquid nitrogen, get your science on with this exciting, entertaining and informative show. Presented by UQ Science Demo Troupe.

Taxidermy Demos

Meet a Queensland Museum expert and talk all things taxidermy! View real-life specimens and learn about the taxidermy process.

Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters

Learn about Australian native animals and meet some of the animals too!

Virtual Landscapes

Using gamification, experience this interactive virtual landscape. Be immersed in the traditions, customs and heritage of the longest continuous surviving culture in the world. Presented by Virtual Songlines.

Man Vs Machine Fooz Ball

Take STEM learning to a new level with this new and innovative technology! Presented by Neophyte.


Kick back to some funky tunes by Preserve the Moose.


$15 (all ages event, bookings essential)

Food and bar are available at an additional cost.



This program is run with support from Inspiring Australia for National Science Week.

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Event Details

11 August 2017, 05:30 PM - 09:00 PM

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