Frequently Asked Questions about the fire

I heard there was a fire. What happened?

On Monday night, 26 September, there was a fire on an adjacent private property. Two buildings were destroyed and a third was partly destroyed. The Museum was not on fire but did not have power for a few days and was therefore closed. The Museum and Collection were safe throughout this period.

Was any part of the Museum affected?

No. None of the Museum’s buildings or property was damaged by the fire and the Museum and the Collection were safe throughout this period.

What buildings were destroyed?

The buildings were disused engineering offices and administration blocks. The buildings date from the 1940s and were part of the original complex that was the North Ipswich Railway Workshops. This part of the site was sold by Queensland Rail to the private owner approximately 6 years ago.

Where was the fire?

It was on the adjacent property, up the road on the corner of North Street & W M Hughes Street. Click to see a map (1246 KB) jpg document icon.

How did the fire start?

We don’t know. For information regarding the fire, please contact the Queensland Fire Service.

Can I see where the fire was?

Please note that the site has been cordoned off and is on private land, but you can see the site from a distance from the street (W M Hughes Street) or from near the Powerhouse on the Museum site. Again, it has been cordoned off and is on private land.

Have you got power back on now?

We are currently running off a generator and the Museum is operating as per normal.
In order to restore mains power a specialised part is required. As it is a specialised part, it will take time before it is installed. We expect this to take a few weeks. In the meantime, the Museum will continue to operate as per normal off the generator.

Why did you hold the FULL STEAM AHEAD – Re-Opening Weekend event and why is it free?

We were overwhelmed with the messages of support for the Museum in the aftermath of the fire and while we were closed working to restore power. This was our way of saying thank you for your support and to get the message out that we’re open again.

Was The Great Train Robbery event extended?

No. The event finished as planned on Sunday 2 October. We were unable to extend the event as we had a full events program for the remainder of the year that required our team to pack up The Great Train Robbery event from Monday 1 October.