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Presenters at the 10th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention will include:

John Dennis, Contributor to Off the Beaten Track and Narrow Gauge Down Under, enthusiast and modeller for over 40 years
Carrying Passengers on Australia’s Narrow(er) Gauges
This presentation will describe the operation of scheduled passenger services in Australia, on gauges of 3’ or less. Tramways and railways from most states will be covered, along with details of the rolling stock used.

Ian Fainges
Conceptualizing a Layout: it’s not always about dust, rust and dirt
How a casual conversation between a modeller and a young child about her vision for a layout led to the creation of the Bearima layout.

Jim Fainges, Master Modeller
An Overview of Narrow Gauge Modelling in Queensland
Over 60 years of model-making and plan drawing of the rollingstock and locos for QR and the cane/shire tramways, has given Jim a unique perspective on narrow gauge modelling. See his collection of images, and models going back to the 1930’s.

Gavin Hince, Master Model Railroader NMRA
Or Prototype Freelancing: An Approach
Why prototype freelancing? This presentation will include choosing a theme, researching, the ‘right balance’, benefits, plus some practical examples

Gerry Hopkins, Master Model Railroader – NMRA, contributor to MainLine, maintainer of the NMRA Website
Surface Mount Devices – without the Technobabble
A demonstration of Surface Mount Devices (SMD) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) for use on locomotives, passenger cars, cabooses and buildings.

Myths Busted and Using Decoder Pro
Busting Myths & Legends, Explaining the ‘Technobabble’ of DCC. Is there such a thing as DCC Friendly?

Grant McAdam, Thirty Inches and Below columnist in Narrow Gauge Down Under
Lesser Known Narrow Gauge Railways of England and Wales
There are many narrow gauge railways in England and Wales but some of them get more coverage in the press than others. Sit back and enjoy this tour as your guide takes you on some of the lesser known narrow gauge lines.

Gary Pysden, Proprietor of Cane Toad Flats Products with 50 year interest in model railways
Basic Mechanism of Scratch Building
Why build you own mechanism? What skills you will need, basic tools required, materials needed and where to obtain specialised parts. This is a “how to” from initial drawings to a working mechanism, calculating gear ratios, the advantages of compensating your chassis and electrical pickups.

Lynn Zelmer, CaneSIG Coordinator and contributor to Narrow Gauge Down Under
An Introduction to Computer Based Modelling Techniques
An overview of computer-based tools used in the design, development and operation of railway models including Cad & 3D techniques for card and virtual modelling, computer controlled manufacturing and virtual modelling with simulation software.

The Narrow Gauge World of Sugar Cane
See sugar cane railway operations around the world, both current and historical, and compare them with Australian practice.

David Mewes, Curator, The Workshops Rail Museum
Not Just Cane Railways (prototype presentation)
Queensland offers other narrow gauge modelling possibilities besides the well known cane railway systems. The 2’ gauge mining tramway at Stannary Hills is just one of a number of examples that will be presented.

Passenger Trains on the 2 ft Gauge (prototype presentation)
Some of Queensland’s 2’ gauge cane and mining railways have provided passenger services on their tramway systems. The operation of a passenger train on an industrial railway can add interest to your narrow gauge model.